Wan Fu

Wan Fu is a traditional and upscale Chinese restaurant with private dining.

Upstairs Banquet Room

Seating in the Upstairs Banquet Room will be in round tables (8 - 10 people per table).  Your menu will be pre-determined between you and management before your event.  Each table will have the same menu, allowing for all entrees to arrive at the same time.  The number of entrees on your menu will be at least four, and can be over eight (again, pre-determined by you and management).  Each entree size will be large, party-sized, served in the center of each table on top of a "lazy susan" turntable.   Each person at the table shares from these entrees (family-style dining).

Tables will be covered with white linen.  Maximum capacity of the room is 120 people.  If you decide to decorate, please remove decorations at the end of your event.  You are welcome to provide your own entertainment (karaoke, DJ, live band, slide show, etc).  Please be advised that we do not provide any audio/visual equipment.  

There is no additional charge to use the Upstairs Banquet Room.  Pricing is based off a per table cost, regardless of the number of people in your event.  For example, if your menu selection results in $200 per table, and you require five (5) tables for your event, the total cost for you event will be $1,000 ($200 per table x 5 tables).  Again, you are charged per table, NOT per person.

Please call and speak with a manager to discuss further details.